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Nenek is based on a crowdsourcing scheme that supports native speakers, indigenous associations, government agencies and researchers in the creation of virtual communities of minority language speakers on the Internet. Nenek includes a set of web tools that enables users to work collaboratively on language documentation tasks, build lexicographic assets and produce new language resources.

D Social Network

Nenek is a monolingual social network for Huastec speakers. This network enables speakers and academics to produce new language resources, to manufacture new resources and publsih them for either controlled or free access.
Nenek-INALI See also Nenek in Facebook


Nenek-ACW is an application for collaboration in the web that enables researchers, indigenous associations and government agencies to work together in the annotation and validation of the resources that were collected in the acquisition stage.

This tool is embedded in Nenek social network

A Nenek-Library (ECAD, Spanish acronym)

The following repositories were built by speakers associations, researchers and linguists by using nenek platform.

See Official repositories built by using Nenek-Library
Nenek-Library (ECAD)
See repositories built by spekaers (Without registration)
Audio, Video, Photos, Texts,

C Nenek-Lexical

This tool enables speakers to build, in a collaborative manner, online lexicographical tools in the form of web pages. Tools such as searchable glosaries, cultural vocabularies and lexicons can be built by using Nenek-Lexical.
See Lejkixkaw (it means wise of words in Huastec language), an example of a vocabulary built by Huastec speakers and associations by using Nenek platform, it includes meaning, audio pronunciation (performed by speakers by crowdsourcing), example sentences and usage notes). Huastec Vocabulary

E Spell Checker

This is a spell checker built by using texts extracted by a crawler. The lexicon produced by this checker is validated by speaker associations and indigenous academics in a collaborative manner.

See Co-Tének, a spell checker for a writing system of a variant of Huastec spoken in San Luis Potosí built in the Nenek platform.

B Nenek Storage (SAAC, Spanish acronym)

Storage system for all applications and tools back up language resources (any of Video, audio, plain texts or documents). It also can be used by speakers as an independent file sharing application (Mobile App for Android also Available).
Test Nenek Storage and independent file sharing App by using next link:
Nenek-Storage (SAAC)

Dr. José Luis Gonzalez Compeán, Dr. Anuschka van't Hooft, Dr. Jesus Carretero, Dr. Barbara Blaha, Dr. Victor J. Sosa-Sosa, Dr. Arturo Diaz-Perez,